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Christa Fairfield

Christa Fairfield

Thank you for visiting. Community is such an important part of healthy and happy lives, and it is what the Cancer Support Community provides to those with cancer and their families. I hope you will walk with me, my dog, Meeka, and my parish- St. Bonaventure. Just sign up. Go to the homepage and click on the "Register to Walk" button.

If you can't walk, your financial support would be great. Just click the Donate button on my page our parish page. Together we can make a difference! - Christa


raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. CNCandy Negrete
2. MMike & Jeanne Emry
Good Luck on the walk. We will be there in spirit and maybe walk next year! Hugs
3. MFMary E Fair
Go Christa and Meeka!
4. BBBarbara Barkley
Wish I could walk with you all!
5. ECElizabeth C Cofer
You are awesome and I wish I could be there to walk with you! Love, E
6. DTDonna Trana
We have other things going that day, so we can't walk with you but we'll be with you in spirit!

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