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Munisha Vohra

Munisha Vohra

On May 19, 2018, at Heather Farm Park, I am going to dedicate Hope Walk 5k to my father. He gives me strength to persevere and I will continue to raise awareness. Families who face cancer, need psychosocial assistance which Cancer Support Community provides six days a week -free of cost. It is not just my Hope Walk post, it is the truth. I hear it every week from people who face depression, fear of death, decline in daily functioning, rocky relationships, anxiety, severe side effects of cancer treatment and are hoping to live just a little longer. I see young children who don't understand why their mom or dad is losing hair, becoming frail, no longer interacting with them. These children, at very delicate developmental stages of attachment and brain development, suddenly one day lose their parent. Cancer Support Community works diligently with these traumatized children with love and compassion.
Please share, support, donate or just show up. Thank you.


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Thanks for walking for a great cause and giving back!!!
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Proud of you for fighting for this great cause!
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