2020 Co-Chairs

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Meet the 2020 Hope Walk Co-chairs

Emmy and Dana Chloe are cancer survivors and Cancer Support Community members.

Emmy's cancer journey

"I discovered a mass in my right breast in January 2018 and on April 24, 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 2A hormone and her2 positive IDC breast cancer.  The days following were a whirlwind.  Ten days following my diagnosis I started six months of chemotherapy, following a bilateral mastectomy and complete reconstruction in December 2018.  I was blind-sided to be diagnosed and undergo treatment at 39 years old.

I was officially declared “cancer-free” at the beginning of 2019 but had to continue intravenous targeted treatment until July 2019.  Having completed the “heavy lifting” of treatment and surgery and starting hormone blocking therapy I soon realized I had a lot of repressed emotions that had not been processed.  Cancer changed me as well as my relationship with my boyfriend.  In search of a support group for couples a nurse told me about Cancer Support Community (CSC).  I immediately joined the couple’s group and learned they had weekly support groups for individuals and private counseling for couples.  I don’t know where I would be emotionally if I did not find CSC.  Since joining group and couples counseling, I have found ways to manage everyday life and have begun to find joy again."

Dana Chloe's cancer journey

"On March 29th, 2019 I received an unforgettable phone call letting me know that I have colorectal cancer.  I was immediately sent to surgery to have a third of my colon removed and a full hysterectomy.  Surgery revealed that the cancer was stage 3B, which meant I was to undergo six months of chemotherapy treatment.  I was shocked then and am still in shock now.

The day I let people know about my diagnosis I received text messages from five different friends telling me about Cancer Support Community (CSC).  Despite many years of community involvement and experience in the health industry, I had not heard of CSC and all the amazing resources available to cancer patients and their caregivers.  I immediately called and set up an appointment for intake.  I was placed in a weekly support group and individual counseling. I never could have imagined how much the group would positively impact my recovery and healing process.  From the moment I stepped into the CSC I felt a healing energy and support that continues to this day."

Coming together to make a difference

Although they were in different phases of their journey, Dana Chloe was in chemotherapy and Emmy had just completed it, they found ways to support and encourage each other from attending barre fitness classes together to inspiring hope in one another with lessons learned from their life experiences.

Individually, they were interested in supporting the Hope Walk and found out there was a need for a committee chair.  They are both so grateful for all they’ve received from CSC that they had a deep desire to give back and help others.  As they supported each other in their cancer journey they wanted to support each other in this same cause.  Becoming Co-chairs for the 2020 Hope Walk was a natural fit for them.


Join Emmy and Dana Chloe by registering to walk on Saturday, October 17th!