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Please Help Me Pay It Forward!

Jan Hufnagl

Jan Hufnagl

Dear Friends & Family,

Most of you know my own personal journey with triple negative breast cancer and that I have been "cancer-free" since completing active treatment in February 2017. Sadly, cancer is relentless and continues to infiltrate the lives of people I love - my workout friend, Wayne, my cousin, Wendie, and now, my brother, Marc.

Navigating the cancer landscape of diagnosis, treatment, physical effects and one's psyche can be overwhelming and challenging for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. Hope and support are instrumental to not only surviving but thriving.

The Cancer Support Community was a lifeline for me and Nancy when I was diagnosed and going through treatment. The CSC was there for us and continues to be for so many others, too many others, facing cancer.

The Hope Walk has always been near and dear to my heart. It's an awesome event that raises thousands of dollars every year for more people dealing with cancer to receive the valuable support and critical information they need to help manage their journey - all free of charge.

On behalf of the CSC, I humbly ask, once again, for your support. Since I am turning 60 years old this month, I am looking for 60 friends/family members to donate $60 (or whatever amount you choose) to help me celebrate this milestone birthday and support an organization I love.

Thank you once again for your love and support - I wouldn't be here today without you!

All my love always, Jan


raised of $3,600 goal

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1. ?Anonymous
2. FGFrances Grunder
Raise a glass to kicking cancer’s ass!
3. NGNancy Garetson
🎈🌴Happy 60th Birthday to my Wonderful Beautiful Loving wife🌴🎈 And Oh...by the way, Happy 20th Anniversary ♥️🍾♥️ I love you very much & am so HAPPY you are still kicking cancer’s butt! You are my happy ending, my dream come true, my friend & my love, all wrapped up in one. I will love you for infinity ♾- ♥️ your Nancy Girl
4. LSLisa Sylvestri
5. DHDavid Hutts
Congratulations on exceeding your goal, and on winning your personal battle.
6. JJan & Pam
Happy 60th, congratulations on beating your goal, and here’s to celebrating countless future birthdays with you!!! Love, P&J and Romeo & Karma